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Hot Air Ballooning package inclusions:



Your Peace of Mind, Safety and Experience is Important to us:

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What are the three absolutely critical questions a responsible buyer should ask when engaging a balloon safari operator?

Your balloon operator must comply with the following 3 legal requirements.  The law requires that documents referred to in 1 and 2 (issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority) must be displayed at the supplier's premises.



Can your balloon operator produce proof for your inspection of possessing a valid LICENCE to conduct business as an air service?
(Generally a non-scheduled domestic air service.)



Can your balloon operator produce proof for your inspection of possessing a currently valid AIR SERVICE OPERATIONS CERTIFICATE (or an official letter of exemption)?
This ensures that on the last CAA inspection the air service complied with all the legal operational requirements such as pilot licensing and currency, aircraft (balloon) licensing and airworthiness, aircraft maintenance personnel qualifications, ticketing procedures, safety and emergency procedures, passenger legal liability and 3rd party insurances, air navigation regulations and the like were in place and constantly updated.



Can your supplier produce proof that the vehicles used to transport your passengers are Licenced to transport fare paying passengers?
This fact is overlooked by many travel buyers.
The nature of ballooning requires that the participants have to be transported back from wherever the balloon lands to the original take-off venue and is, thus, an integral element of the package.


If any of these THREE CRITICAL QUESTIONS can not be answered with a definite YES
a) The wellbeing of your passengers will be prejudiced
b) Their insurance will very likely be invalidated and
c) Your credibility as a responsible person will be in jeopardy



Hot Air Balloons depart daily at sunrise including weekends and public holidays, weather permitting.

The Hot Air Balloons depart daily from Skeerpoort Balloon Field, which is very accessible from Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas, located roughly 45 minutes from both Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Hot Air Ballooning take place in the beautiful Magalies River Valley which, incidentally, boasts some of the safest and most reliable ballooning weather in the world.


Must we book in advance?

Yes, we need to check availability and we also need you to give us information which includes the following:

  • Each person's full name and weight

  • The contact telephone number where you will be staying the night prior to flying.

Flight Days:

The Hot Air Balloons fly early, every morning of the week including Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting and provided we have a minimum of four people. Departure times for the hot air balloons are confirmed when you book.


Why such early departures:

The air needs to be stable for the Hot Air Balloons, in other words very gentle surface wind and no thermals. As the day heats up thermals and wind generally get stronger.


How high does the balloons fly:

The hot air balloons are able to fly anything from a millimeter to a kilometer high.


How many people can fit into one balloon:

The smallest hot air balloon takes between four and six passengers and a pilot, the biggest hot air balloons can take up to 18 passengers and a pilot.  The hot air balloon basket is divided into compartments where generally 4 people can fit into a compartment. 

There is also a private balloon which only takes two passengers and the pilot - for the most romantic moments....


Hot Air Ballooning Flight Duration: 

Approximately one hour.


Hot Air Ballooning Excursion Duration: 

3 to 4 hours (excluding hotel transfers which are available on request).



Pre-flight coffee, tea and biscuits.

Sparkling wine served either in-flight or on landing.

Delectable Full English Champagne Breakfast after the Hot Air Balloon flight.

Great photo and video opportunities.


The English Breakfast:

There is no specific menu because this depends entirely as to what is available at the time.

There is quite a variety available, which makes it flexible for vegetarians or special diets if necessary.  Special menus can be created on request.

Please let us know if any passengers require special diets (vegetarian, non-alcohol etc.) so that we can try to accommodate them.



Should be warm enough for the chilly early morning but it should be “peelable” because the sun, excitement and probably the champagne will soon warm you.  “Country” shoes and a hat are also recommended.



Hot Air Ballooning is suitable for adventurers from 7 – 70 (although the oldest passenger to date was 90 years old).  Participants should be nimble, be able to jump unassisted from a height of 60cm and stand for the duration of the flight.



The operator has been operating as a Legally Licensed Balloon Air Transport Service since 1981.  Only qualified and experienced pilots are employed and over five-thousand passengers a year are testimony to their professional attitude in entertaining you to one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of you life.  They run a fleet of six large balloons that can carry between six and eighteen passengers each.  



Minimum 2 (can be from different bookings), maximum 140.


Don’t forget:

Your camera and some extra film, or batteries for the video, as ballooning offers some most spectacular photo and movie opportunities.






Hot Air Ballooning > Frequently Asked Questions


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